Our Mission

The mission of HighMinds.com is to make learning about the great men and women who came before us more intriguing by seeing how human they really were. As a result, we can utilize those experiences and lessons in our own lives to better ourselves.

What is it that drives them to dedicate their lives to a particular cause, even if it means death?

We try to find the answers as we delve into the lives of the greatest minds of past time.

We see many things as we go back into history; we see bravery, injustice, violence, betrayal the list goes on and on...

The truth is, we are much more capable than we think we are. We have unrealized capacities that sometimes only emerge in crisis but we must learn to utilize them in our everyday lives in order to grow more efficiently. None of us want to have to suffer through physical, emotional, or spiritual hardships but the fact is that these trials are inevitable. It is up to us how we deal with these challenges and through our gained experience and knowledge we can allow our souls to grow.

In the end, it is important to remember that without the knowledge of greatness, one can not become great. 

"If you knew how much
work went into it, you
wouldn't call it genius"
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