Plato Timeline

427 BC: Plato is born in Athens, Greece.

407 BC: Plato meets Socrates, abandons aspiration to be playwright. Starts developing a strong bond with Socrates

403 BC: After a few years of Socrates influence, Plato turns away from politics and aims towards philosophy

399 BC: Plato's mentor, Socrates, is sentenced to death by drinking hemlock. Plato could not bear be by his side due to extreme distress and soon withdraws from social life.   

398 BC: Devastated, Plato flees to Megara along with other followers of Socrates.

398 BC: Plato travels in Egypt, Cyrene, Italy, Syracuse and Sicily.

380 BC: Plato decides its time to carry on many of Socrates' teachings and founds The Academy outside of Athens.

367 BC: Plato makes a second trip to Syracuse. A young Aristotle begins his studies in Plato's Academy.

361 BC: A final attempt by Plato to make Syracusan king a philosopher-king. Plato believed that a ruler/king shall also be a philosopher in order to govern properly. 

347 BC: Plato dies of old age at his Academy. He had requested a girl play the flute for him in his final moments. 

As a result of his death, the Academy's main responsibilities were given to Speusippus, his sister's son. The Academy served as the model for institutions of higher learning until it was closed by the Emperor Justinian in 529 CE, almost one thousand years later.

346 BC: Much like Plato did after Socrates' death, Aristotle leaves Athens after Plato's death to pursue his own line of inquiry. 

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