Socrates Timeline

470 BC: Socrates born, son of sculptor.

450 BC: As a teenager, Socrates worked with his  his dad carrying on the family tradition of stonemasonry. It is said that he even worked on the Statue of the Three Graces which stood near the Acropolis until 2 AD. He worked as a stonemason for many years before becoming a philosopher .

445 BC: Athenian law declared that all able-bodied men between the ages of 20 and 60 were to serve in the Greek army. Socrates was said to have been a very honorable warrior who fought in a number of extremely important battles. In one of these battles, it is said that he saved a future war commissioner for Greece.

440 BC: Socrates serves in Samian campaign.

435 BC: Socrates married a young woman named Xanthippe who bore him three sons - Lamprocles, Menexenus and Sophronicus.

432: Siege of Potidea by Athens begins: Socrates serves there.

431 BC: Outbreak of Peloponnesian War, Peloponnesian War begins. Sparta invades Attica.

430 BC: Chaerephon possibly journeys to Delphi to ask the oracle if anyone is wiser than his friend Socrates. The oracle replies no. 

429 BC: Socrates returns to Athens from Potidaea.

424 BC: Athenians invade Boeotia: Socrates present at Athenian defeat at Delion.

422 BC: Socrates serves at Battle Amphipolis, where Brasidas and Cleon are both killed. 

418 BC: Socrates fights in Battle of Mantinea as a hoplite (armored soldier). Battle is lost. Socrates would have been around 52.

416 BC: Birth of Socrates' son Lamprokles.

410 BC: Birth of Socrates' son Sophroniskos.

407 BC: Socrates meets Plato. A meeting that will eventually reshape the way people think.

406 BC: Athenians defeat Spartan fleet at Arginusae: Socrates opposes subsequent charges against Athenian generals for failure to rescue survivors.

404 BC: Peloponnesian War ends. Athens’ empire is dismantled.

402 BC: Socrates' son Menexenos born. 

399 BC: Trial and execution of Socrates - on charges of brainwashing the youth. 

398 BC: Plato flees to Megara with other followers of Socrates.

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